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We talked and talked about it but never mofos had the courage to go ahead and take all, so tonight was the night goes! We bathed and shaved ;-)) and I have some sexy lingerie and stockings, and heels mandatory and opened a bottle of champagne. That sounds pretentious, but we love and makes me so hot! We've had during my ' experience' totally blind and I decided that was the desired effect on me. Richard band gentle feather mask around the eyes and I was in the dark. He also said that each visitor ( s) spoke to me and I just heard his voice giving instructions, I was very excited. we kiss in the bed of a huge hotel and touch each other when we heard a knock at the door. I could hear the movement, but that was it. Richard asked me if I wanted my ribbons tying wrists to my thighs and I said yes. Two pairs of hands were immediately set. I love feeling helpless during sex. At the same time be a languagegan slowly licked my pussy, I gasped at your fingertips. Therefore, three..... if the belts were available, were each of my nipples licked and sucked, while the tongue on my clit moved...... Richard and then began to speak! This meant that there were four men in the GMO was in the same room. Richard heard me get mofos back and told me to relax me, which was under control and could leave at any time he wanted.... as if ! I knew you would, what he saw as his imagination is used to me absolutely ecstatic. He said the video recorder was working and that everyone would have fun. was hot as hell now swollen and my nipples hard, my pussy with mofos dripping juices and soft drinks. Richard said he wanted to fuck me good and hard, and one at a time. The ' language' ass licking my clit and moved back slightly, while playing with my clit with his cock. Richard told my shit, I said yes, I want a cock in my pussy... oh I have a good... I thought I was going to drown. It was huge, and pushed mofos a slowª deep in my pussy hungry. It was fantastic, a little sore, but that's exactly what I wanted. I pushed against him and told him to fuck me ! He pushed harder and beat with a faster pace, I was greeted by a huge cock and loved it! My hands were clenched and I was also hard nipples lover. A cock touched my lips and I heard mofos Richard told me to suck. It was not easy, but the best I could, and this cock was as big as the first to feel. I stretched my jaw wide and licked and sucked... the first cock could not cope with this vision and groaned as he shot his cum deep thick sticky in my pussy. Richard was not happy when he told them he had semen before he was allowed to shoot myself. He ordered his tail to be in my mouth and told him to get out of new consumption, since it is not over.... Wham! came and made me cum oozes moisture and ran my ass. This cock wasted no time and immediately went into a deep penetration rhythmn. I was screaming with joy and It him to stroke, as he pushed deeper and deeper. Richard said, I beat your ass while I fucked.... I love this..... It was all I needed when I screamed and pushed hard on the penis, mofos as I came at length about his cock. During this time I was so aware of what was going on inside my pussy really amused me was the feeling that mofos the work of my fingers ass hot milk. Cock 2 pulled out my throbbing pussy and slowly pushed into my ass. It was quick, and very, very turned on and said only this time he found himself in the ass. Richard, said mofos he did not let pass the opportunity up three cock in my pussy. He did! It was not as big as the other two, but was thicker and now my ass full of dick, so I mofos was in one place than ever before and I love it. I could feel the thick cock stretching my pussy while Hahn was 2 on the other hand, a thin piece of skin mofos fucking ass. I completely gave myself to him and he relaxed in the... I was fucked and I loved it.... But where was the co-previous issue? Richard said to see if I could fly back to life by what Richard champagne poured into my mouth, I swallowed greedily and started on the first hit I love the feel of a semi- mofos hard penis to harden in my mouth and was not disappointed in a few minutes he was fat and ready for anything. The other two come still in uniform motion with respect to others, while in mofos my ass and pussy and she sounded like she enjoyed it... I was grinding against him and the third sucking like a porn star. I knew that Richard should be ready to explode, and he breathed with difficulty, while promoting three blows as hard as I could. I could have, but I wondered if my fun end up like these guys were allowed to panting and begging to let go, the shots were made, and Richard wanted me full of mofos cum, so I said I wanted to prepare swallow, but not because I was filming my chin cum on my tits. mofos The three roosters were asked to let go WHEhe never wanted, and were beaten and fucked it more than ever... I thought I would faint to mofos feel so fucking fantastic........ A mourn like pussy dick deep left to shoot his load in me, and he was strong and moaned as he filled my pussy, halfway through the cock in the ass began pumping his sperm inside me. Could contraction of its tail in my mouth feel and yes, even here came, hitting the back of my throat... will push the warm salty sperm on the faucet and let the boat on the chin, became more and I'm so.... drop this on my tits ass cock slowly removed and semen flowed from me again, as it mixes with sperm from my pussy..... Richard was very excited when he filmed this and said I looked like a dirty fucking bitch... But because I loved fucking his dirty bitch ! I asked a finger (or three) to come back and be ready, and all three have, I had hands on my tits, ass clapped and several fingers fucking my pussy, it was not long before I shiver and creak when....... I relaxed when I realized I was alone in bed and I heard the door close. voice Richard was close to my ear as I said I'd never seen him like this, and he had everything in the film. He took off his blindfold and kissed me. I saw his cock was hard and the stress is relieved and desperate, he wanted to drink, so I put my mouth on him and blew like never before. He had his fingers probing soft fleshy pad the bottom of my pussy and threw his sperm into my mouth and sucked me dry, my pussy juice squirts all over his hand.......... It happened to us. cut the movie mofos on DVD and after a meal and a shower before we saw it together, and kissed and sucked and licked and fucked each other for what seemed like hours.. is a huge turn on watching us, that ' use' and that was three big sticks....
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